My Top 5 Favorite Home Remedies

In my many years of learning different home remedies and tips and tricks I have come across some that I loved so much that I still use them on a day to day basis. Most of them are for some less serious problems but they are incredibly helpful to pretty much anybody and the best part is they are all natural so you dont have to worry about any chemicals or any gross toxins at all! So enough talking and rambling here are my top 5 favoite natural remedies.

Number one. Headaches and Migranes 

Whenever I have a very serious headache I always turn to peppermint! It is an awesome replacement for over the counter drugs like advil and tylenol, I have been using this home remedies for I dont even know how many years. Rub some pepperment oil on your temples and leave it there for about 20 mintues and you will start to feel relief within that time frame.

Number two. Sore throats 

For sore throats I like to use honey, apple cider vinager and cheyyanne pepper. Create a mixture of this, look up the measurements online before you do so. And then you can take a table spoon of this or you can make a tea out of if and drink slowly. Helps an incredible amount for my sore throats.

Number three Trouble Sleeping

If you have trouble sleeping all you need is an 8 ounce glass of cherry juice before you go to sleep. It has natural melatonin qualities in it that can help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep for longer periods of time. This one is something that I still use to this day and I love it.

Number four. Split ends and damaged hair

Rub some olive oil into your hair, I know it sounds weird but trust me it works, Leave it in for about 15 minutes and rinse it all out and you will notice that your hair is much more soft and over time will repair your split ends.

Number five. Bloated Stomach

If you  are dealing with a bloated stomach all you need is some dandelion tea to make you feel better. It helps me every single time when I eat a massive meal, just drink it nice and slow and it will break up the foods faster in your stomach and releive the pain of your bloating.